Mount Oldonyo Lengai

Mount Oldonyo Lengai - Budget Bushman Cultural Tour in Tanzania, Affordable Packages for Maasai, Datoga, and Nomadic Bushmen Cultural Tour.

Adler Adventure & Trekking offers budget Bushman Cultural Tour in Tanzania. Get a close look at the rapidly disappearing culture of the last hunter/gatherers - Bushmen. You can also be mesmerized by the healing trance dance of Bushmen enjoying Bushman Cultural Tour. You will enjoy an evening in the bush, sitting round a fire as the Bushman dance, clap and chant in rhythmical harmony.
Kanana Wilderness is one of the few places in the world where Bushman can be seen practicing the same lifestyle they have maintained for centuries. It has been over thirty years since any of the San Bushman clans have truly lived a hunter/gatherer lifestyle as their primary means of survival. You will enjoy the real ancient culture of the Kalahari’s eldest statesmen.

Oldonyo Lengai (3450 meters) is the only active Sodium Carbonite Volcano in the world. The mountain is located on the southern shore of Lake Natron. This impressive peak is revered by the Maasai as the sacred home of God. A nearly perfect cone, it still erupts occasionally and you may have the opportunity to walk on still-steaming new ground. Walking in the African Bush with Maasai Warriors as your guides is a unique opportunity for spectacular game viewing combined with the prospect to experience cultural encounters amongst the Maasai, Datoga, and nomadic Bushmen. This trip will take you to Lake Natron to view the flamingo breeding centre as well as taking you to the summit of this amazing volcano. The trip is perfect to be taken either before or after a Kilimanjaro Climb.

The Maasai people believed the mountain was home to the god Eng'ai who signaled her anger with eruptions and drought. Adventurous visitors sometimes struggle up its steep slopes to visit the steaming, bubbling crater but most prefer to view its symmetrical cone from a distance.

Day 1: It is a tough but exhilarating off-road drive from Moshi (or Arusha) to the campsite at Lake Natron. After dinner it is time to relax and catch some sleep before starting the midnight climb to the summit of Oldonyo Lengai. It is a strenuous climb. Reaching the caldera floor at sunrise you will be rewarded with a glimpse of Mt. Meru. If conditions are good, you may also see Mt. Kilimanjaro. Rest and absorb the incredible beauty of the place before starting the descent.

Day 2: Return to the campsite for breakfast and rest. Later, a walk from the campsite will take you to a nearby Massai boma and to visit the waterfalls at Lake Natron. Return to the campsite for dinner and overnight camping.

Day 3: Take a relaxed breakfast and a final drive to the lake shore to see the mass of flamingoes before beginning the return journey to Moshi or Arusha.

This safari can be extended up to 7 days longer