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The warm clear waters along the Tanzanian coast offer superb and varied diving; with, some of the most spectacular diving sites between Zanzibar and Pemba. Here the rough waters and strong currents are home to manta rays, white sharks, hammerheads and an abundance of pelagic life. Pemba has some of the most spectacular diving in the world. The Pemba channel itself, separates Shimoni in Kenya from Pemba Island. The channel runs deep until it approaches the Pemba coastline and then begins a dramatic rise creating a sheer wall off the coast. Diving is conducted on the western side and is characterised by crystal clear, blue water drop-offs along with pristine shallow reefs. Hard and soft coral gardens abound with schools of coral fish, pelagic marine life, mantas and turtles.

Misali Marine Park
Misali is surrounded by coral reef that descend steeply with hard corals up to 64 meters deep, making an island a preferred spot for diving. About 66% of the coral genera known in Tanzania are found at Misali Island together with over 350 fish species from 43 families. Highly threatened Green and Hawksbill sea turtles nests at Mpapaini and Mbuyuni beaches, with a minimum of 20 nests annually. The island supports a variety of indigenous and migratory sea bird species. Misali is an island southwest of Pemba Island. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers because it is a sanctuary for sea birds and turtles. The nesting turtles and breeding sea birds are found on the western side of Misali Island. Mbuyuni Beach with its fine white sand is on the northeast side of Misali Island. Bendera Cave, just south of the beach, is believed to have spirits of ancestors present.

Ngezi Rain Forest
The Ngezi Peninsula is the northernmost point on Pemba. Much of the area is taken up by the Ngezi Forest, which is the last remains of a huge tract of indigenous forest which used to cover most of Pemba. Ngezi is home to the Pemba Flying Fox, a bat endemic to the island. The forest itself is a protected area and there is an information centre, a nature trail and a small entrance fee. On the east side of the Ngezi peninsula is Vumawimbi Beach, an immaculate beach with miles of white sand flanked by a pristine forest. On the western side is Verani Beach with the 'Pango ya Watoro' or 'the cave of the fugitives' at the northern end.

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